Brimbank Presbyterian Church

Brimbank Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (PCV).

Our denomination
The PCV has its historical roots in the Church of Scotland which was reformed in Scotland in 1560. The PCV was founded in Victoria in 1859 when certain groups of Presbyterian churches came together to form one body. In addition to this, the PCV is federated with Presbyterian Churches in the other states and is part of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCA). The PCA was formed in 1901 when the various state Presbyterian Churches came together to form one national body. (Its formation was timed to coincide with Australia becoming a Federation in 1901).

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Presbyterian History
If you don't know anything about the Presbyterian Church and would like to know some background history of the Church (world wide), please read the accompanying document titled:

'Presbyterian Church History Outlined' Download Brief PDF

What do we believe?
The Bible is our church’s 'Supreme Rule of Faith and Life'. You can find the Bible online at a variety of sources. Amongst the best are and the Bible Gateway.

The ‘Confession of Faith’ of the PCV and most other Presbyterian or Reformed churches around the world is the Westminster Confession of Faith, which can be found together with a range of other important documents at (Click on the link to 'Historic Church Documents' down the left frame when you get there.)

The Westminster Confession of Faith was originally written in the 1640’s so the language is a little out of date. However, it’s readily available in modern English versions. If you would like a copy in modern English contact the minister. Any further questions - don’t be afraid to ring the minister – no strings attached.

Local ministry plans

If you want to know what we’re trying to achieve as a congregation in our local area, click on the link below to see Brimbank Presbyterian Church’s Ministry Plan and Vision.

Download Ministry Plan